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Raffaele Ingegno


Photographer based in Milano


I was born in 1978 and I am part of the last generation that has trained professionally without the use of information technology, at least not in its massive presence today and with the ease of finding a lot of information on the internet. 

I graduated as a surveyor and later undertook studies in set design, photography and design.The first interesting work experiences come at the beginning of our century, organizing and curating scenically and photographically, presentation events for young designers.
Over the years I also specialize as a post producer and in 3D graphics, using animation cinema software, which I sometimes combine with photography.
In 2006 I joined a creative group (Branco - Milan), which realizes various services for companies,using my skills in different roles.Photography, graphic design, scenographic design and work direction.
From that year, managing the processes from the concept to the delivery of the production, I carry out many jobs for different communication agencies and for brands of different product sectors such as: Sony, Sony-Ericsson, Candy, BTicino, Pershing, Nastro Azzurro, Becks, Faram , Ford, Firme di Vetro, Berlucchi, Esselte, Kappa, Robe di Kappa, Superga, K-way, Casio.
A list just to mention the most famous in the various sectors of reference.
I have collaborated in several audio-visual productions that have received many awards in Italy and abroad in the field of video art. (Flatform - Milan)
I also run training courses (SPOTLIGHT - Formazione Fotografica - Milan and tour in Italy), which I personally manage, having had, since 2003, experience as a teacher in photography and graphics, in a private university (Lecole - Naples)
In 2018 I received the appointment from Quadralite of Official Ambassador; NiceOne of Official Ambassador and Official Instructor from the Prowedding portal. In 2019 I received the appointment from Zoom Backdrops of official ambassador.
My works have been published in various magazines and in some of them I have written technical articles.
I attend almost every year refresher seminars for very high level artists, not only in photography, but also to collect skills transversal to my activity.
I am a curious by nature and I like both to invent and to be amazed.
I currently run the Columella1 Studio in Milan.

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Raffaele Ingegno è un fotografo freelance professionista con studio a Milano, disponibile in qualità di ritrattista, per corporate, pubblicità, privati

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